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Gas Heater Installation

We can get any system fired up or installed mostly for all kinds of residential properties and not just homes. We don’t do much new construction work. When water stops flowing from your taps, it indicates there is a problem with the plumbing. Call us for 24-hour emergency services.

When you need a new air conditioner, call our team and we’ll stop by to check your house and determine the perfect fit. We will order the air conditioner from one of our suppliers and come by to install it at your home. We provide manufacturer’s warranty on all our products. Mifflintown Plumbing and Heating of Mifflintown, PA is licensed in the State of Pennsylvania.

  • Furnace and boiler installations

  • Radiant floors and heater installations

  • Pump puller installations

  • Mini-split and central air conditioning system installations

  • Electrical repairs

  • Breaker box replacements

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